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(Filled until August 2019; Assistant Secretary needed immediately to shadow and take over as Secretary in September 2019)
Goal of Position: The Secretary is responsible for organizing official meetings of FCKLL's Regular Members and the Board of Directors (in close coordination with FCKLL's President), and for keeping records of those meetings.  The Secretary also organizes the annual election of the Board of Directors and of the officers specified in FCKLL's Constitution.  The Secretary maintains the current version of the Constitution and oversees the process for approving any amendments to it.  The Secretary also helps Board members and officials to be aware of the contents and requirements in the Constitution.  
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Organize and send out notice of FCKLL's annual meeting (early September) and Board meetings (12 per year)
Draft and keep the minutes of the annual meeting and Board meetings
Schedule and reserve locations for the annual meeting, Board meetings, and selected additional FCKLL meetings (such as level coordinator/manager meetings and drafts, and the All-Stars information meeting) 
Organize and keep record of the annual election of Board members and officers
Maintain the roster and e-mail distribution list of Board members and of FCKLL Regular Members
Maintain updated copy of FCKLL's Constitution, and oversee the process and votes for amending the Constitution
Help Board Members and officers to be aware of the FCKLL Constitution's contents and requirements
Approximate Time Commitment:
4 hours per month (8-10 hours in August and early September to prepare for the Annual Meeting and first Board meeting)
Worksite:   At home and at Board meetings
The ideal candidate will:
*Be well-organized
*Pass a background check
*Have good proofreading and writing skills (and enjoy writing)
*Communicate well with other FCKLL officers, Board members, and Regular Members
*Have an interest in youth sports, but children currently playing in FCKLL are not required
*Be able to attend Board meetings once per month
*Maintain good relations with the City of Falls Church Community Center staff (where FCKLL holds most of its meetings)
Reports to:
FCKLL Board of Directors, League President, and Regular Members 
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Note: The current Secretary will work with his successor (Assistant Secretary) to enable a smooth transition between now and September 2018, when the current Secretary will depart FCKLL.